Terms of Service


When your product wins a Women's Health Beauty Award, you’re able to use the approved seal with your brand’s winning product for the agreed upon promotional uses for the agreed upon period of time.

Promotional usage type and dates will be outlined in the Purchase Agreement signed by your brand and included in the Master License Agreement. Each renewal request for a new promotional usage type will require an updated Purchase Agreement.

All promotional types will be accompanied by associated net flat licensing fees based on usage type and allow its use for the agreed upon period of time. Renewal will require payment of all applicable fees within the agreed upon time and agreement of terms and conditions associated with the usage.


This is to advise you that we will allow your use of the Material as described above, on the following conditions:

  1. All mock-ups using the Materials must be approved by Rodale / Women's Health.
  2. All Award Seals must be used as designed and in its entirety.
  3. The Brand shall not overlay type, crop, re-touch or otherwise modify the Materials.
  4. When referring to a specific award, the designation’s official wording must be used.
  5. The appropriate Award Seal artwork may only be used in conjunction with the winning product(s) that will be outlined in the Brand’s Purchase Agreement(s).
  6. The Brand’s relevant Purchase Agreement(s) is current and any fee(s) is paid. Licensing fees are net flat fees based on promotional usage type and permit use of the seal for one year. All seals carry individual licensing fees. Definitive dates determining one year of use will be outlined in the relevant Purchase Agreement.
  7. Upon expiration of a specific promotional usage type as outlined in the Purchase Agreement, the Brand must renew and pay the appropriate licensing fee if continued use of the award seal is desired. (Assuming the award seal itself is not expired.)
  8. This Master License Agreement remains in effect until the award seal expires or until the end date of the most relevant Purchase Agreement, whichever comes last.